My Story

So why do I fly? Simple actually, I was on the ground in the Army for many years, “walking” taking direction from a guy “flying” overhead so… you tell me, “would you rather walk or fly”…DONE!  The path was tough, long and sometimes seemingly unattainable BUT, now over 20 years later, it was exactly what I thought it would be…ENDLESS!  I learn / teach everyday, working as hard as I can to be the safest, most precise and most situationally aware instructor pilot I can be.

Even though I’m a veteran I’m definitely NOT of the same stature as the great hero’s of today both active duty and veteran status.  That said, here is a public THANK YOU to all of the above…you keep us safe and maintain our freedoms…God Speed!

Our Story

After being at Boulder City Airport for over 4+ years we still approach our day to day ops the exact same.  We don’t want to be the biggest flight school in Las Vegas, we don’t want to maintain 20+ aircraft or have 20+ Certified Flight Instructors on staff.  Our goal is to keep it small yet very proficient and most importantly stay SAFE!  Our main advantage over any other flight school in Las Vegas is we ‘CARE’ and the fact that we can get you to your checkride 100% ready to go.

Our Training Philosophy

Straight and to the point version… Our philosophy is simple, the backbone of ALL our training programs is a focus on SAFETY and PROCEDURES.  Safety of flight is core to any pilots “tool kit” and we reinforce this approach hour by hour.  Procedures are any pilot’s “life jacket” when faced with either the most routine flight or high pressure dynamic situations when 100% focus and attention to detail is required.

Basically, our training approach is PROCEDURES / SAFETY based utilizing the “chair fly method” extensively in order help save costs.   We expect our students to be fully committed.  Therefore, we don’t attract students that are looking to be spoon fed nor mislead to keep you in training so we can just take your money.  Not our style at all!  We expect a very high level of commitment and the attitude to match it.  Please read between the lines here, we aren’t going to settle for slackers or half baked attempts at completing lessons and tasks to stay on track while you are training.  Bring your “A” game and we’ll always have ours.  If you are good we’ll make you better, if you are weak we’ll make you stronger and most of all if you are stuck and frustrated we’ll get you to the end game.  Remember, no one will ever give up on you until you give up on yourself.